Motivation Monday (on Tuesday): Drive

What drives people to achieve? How can some people fight tooth and nail for something they may never get? And why do they believe that if they keep working hard, something good will happen, even if it never has before? We often hear of the dreamers, the great innovators, the visionaries; Those who change the world through hard work and seemingly supernatural talent.  Is this kind of skill and achievement available to anyone? Or is it something you’re born with.

Drive to succeed.

One important lesson I have leaned in my life is that the energy to achieve goals comes from a deep desire to change your situation.  Essentially drive comes from dissatisfaction.  When the world kicks you down time and time again, you can stay down and yield, or you can get up and say “is that all you’ve got?”

A favourite quote of mine is “Dissatisfied people change the world.” It makes perfect sense if you understand that satisfaction, comfort, and complacency are the enemies of achievement.  If you truly are comfortable with the way things are, then why would you need to change anything? You’re happy, you’ve got enough, just try and hold onto it and keep on living.  This is fine for many people, but not for me, and maybe not for you either.

I used to be comfortable.  I was happy, I had enough.  I didn’t think I really needed anymore, and that things would stay good and maybe even get a bit better without much effort.  But its truly a fact of life that just when everything seems to be going well, the floor falls out from under you.  I failed. Spectacularly.  It devastated me.  It broke me. But time does heal all wounds, and when I came back from the edge I realized I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t lost either.  I was angry.  I was angry that the world could beat me down time and time again, that I could lose everything I had so easily. Suddenly everything in my comfortable life wasn’t enough anymore.  I wanted more, and I wanted to master the world, make myself strong enough that it could never beat me down like that again.

That is drive.  Born from failure.

If you want to find that drive, if you want to change your world for the better, get angry.  Find dissatisfaction with the way the world is, and believe beyond a doubt that you have the power to change it.  If you fear failures along the way, know that they will happen whether you try or not, and no failure is too great to keep you from fighting.  Work harder because you want to win.

And always keep moving forward.


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