Motivation Monday: Opportunity

Opportunity.  It means you have a chance.  One Chance, to give it everything you have to claim what you’ve always wanted.  Chances like this don’t come along often.  You’ve spent years working hard, educating yourself, building your list of contacts, doing the work for free, all in hopes of getting a shot at the big time.  But are you willing to give everything you’ve got to change your entire life? Are you willing to take a leap and give up everything you’ve worked on just for a shot at the big time?

Opportunity is a new road.

Not everyone is willing to risk it.  We spend so much time working and building up a life, that sometimes it becomes too valuable to give up, and that is totally understandable, but the reality is that even if the big risk doesn’t pay off, its still beneficial in the long run.

Mistakes help us grow

Taking the leap – giving it all – just for that one chance at living the life you’ve dreamed of – chances are the consequences of failure are never as dire as you imagine they are.  Even if you miss your shot, you will learn from the experience and eventually other opportunities will find you, because you create your own luck.

Luck is just hard work creating opportunity

Some people are just so lucky, aren’t they? They get all the big breaks, and seem to have so much amazing luck when it comes to their career.  But as I’ve said before, we tend to downplay our failures and hard work, while highlighting our successes.  That luck has only come about because of all the hard work and suffering that person has put in behind closed doors.  Its that 5% principle – That 95% of the work produces the 5% result that is all anyone cares about.  You make your own luck.

Sometimes taking the risk means giving something up

Maybe you had an idea of the life you wanted to create.  It’s been in your mind for years as you’ve made choices and taken chances to reach that goal.  When an opportunity presents itself, it may not be exactly the life that you imagined, but it could be everything you need right now.  There are infinite paths for a person to take, and there are opportunities that we have never dreamed of that can come our way.  We may have to set aside our ideal path to our dream to take what has come our way right now.  This can be the hardest decision of all.

If you trust in yourself, make the best of every situation, work hard, and be honest with yourself, you’ll create a life full of opportunities and experiences that you never could have imagined.  So give it your all and have fun!


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