Motivation Monday: Positivity During the Toughest Times

The real world can be a harsh place.  Sometimes it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong has done just that.  It can hurt even more when you have just been on a streak of forward motion, and then it feels as if the ground has fallen beneath your feet.

Maybe you’re working hard, every day, and you just feel bogged down, like you’re making no progress toward your goals, and you wonder why you bother in the first place.  This can happen in more than one area of life, and sometimes it can really put a damper on your motivation for going about your day.

People tell you to just ‘look on the bright side,’ ‘find the positive,’ or ‘take a step back.’  While this is all fine and good, it’s not the most specific advice, and you feel like they don’t understand what you’re dealing with.  This is true, no one is in your exact situation.  It’s nice that people want to empathize, but generalizations of ‘just be more positive’ don’t really give you much to go on.

So how can we find ways to be positive? Even when the really tough things are happening?

1. Look to the Past

Try to look back a year, two years, five years.  How would you have dealt with a difficult situation then? Chances are you were probably much worse at coping with issues than you are now.  You’re more experienced, and even though things are tough, you’re much more well equipped to deal with the problems you’re currently facing.  And if you can treat this as a learning experience, you’ll look back at this a few years from now even more able to deal with the challenges of life.

2. Know that you will be Happy again

Remember that time in your life when you couldn’t get over that bad thing that happened? Me neither.  Bad times have happened, and they will happen again, but you will eventually get past it, solve the problem, and feel good again.  History shows that you are tough enough to get through it every time, and you’ll continue to do just that.

3. Look at the Big picture

Really look at who you are as a person.  are you moving toward goals? Toward the freedom you want? The life you want? Do you have food in the fridge? A warm bed?  Someone in your life who loves you? A true friend? Free time once in awhile to enjoy life?

If you can say ‘yes’ to most of those questions, you have got it made!

It’s okay to not be exactly where you want to be.  In fact it’s better to always be working toward something bigger!  Having goals and dreams and working through challenges is the essence of growth! You are fighting and you’ll never stop, and that’s a great reason to be proud of yourself.

So take a deep breath, look at the big picture, see the past, and get to your next happy moment as soon as you can! Believe in yourself and get back to it!

And never, ever, give up.

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