The Great To-Do List Experiment: Astrid Review

If you didn’t know, I’ve been trying out and reviewing some productivity tools. See the original post here.

The first tool I tried out is Astrid. Astrid is a web-based list tool that let’s you manage tasks and fit them into many different categories.  Using HTML5 it updates in real time, and syncs with some mobile devices, though not all of them.

Visual Appeal 7/10: Though I didn’t customize it, Astrid has some great built in themes, and some of them are downright cheery.  The tasks are colour coded by priority, and the lists are easy to see.  The system is lacking in terms of ordering tasks.  I would prefer to have lists numbered so I know which tasks have to be completed in order to start the next.

Ease of Use 8/10: Astrid is very easy to get started with, but took a lot of time to set options for each task.  Once the basic work was done, however, it became much easier to add and check off tasks.

Features 6/10: One of the first features I noticed while customizing Astrid is that you can import task lists.  I’m big on compatibility so this is key if you’re moving a list from one program to another.  If anything the program lacks in features when it comes to categorizing tasks.  I could use another dimension because I like to organize lists in larger sets such as work, home etc.

Boost to Productivity 8/10: Astrid was good for keeping me going on a roll once I got started.  It was great to see completed tasks below incomplete ones, so I could look at my progress for the day.

 Overall Experience 7/10: Aside from a bit of effort to get it up and running and a few missing features, Astrid was good at keeping me on top of my workload, especially on my devices as I moved around the city.

**Unfortunately Astrid has been discontinued as it was bought by Yahoo – or maybe it will come back as a different and better service.  At any rate, next up is Todoist


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